Thursday, February 8, 2018

Are We Really Satisfied ?

As a human being we all have some kind of desires & dreams which motivates us in our life. We all are constantly working on them to satisfy our goals. It can be related to any part of our life. We all want to get what we don’t have isn’t it ? Dreams & desires are necessary to run our life for our growth as they tell us what our heart wants, Where we want to go and what can give us happiness ?

Last night me and my husband were talking and he asked Why we don’t feel satisfied?  If we fulfill our one desire we get a new dream. At that time I replied him its human nature if we get something we always want more for us. Satisfaction is not something which we can find outside or buy from someone, it’s a feeling which we need to find in our heart and soul. Sometimes like a small kid we get satisfied and happy with little things. When a little kid gets a toy we can see the joy on their face their sparkling eyes can’t we ? Sometimes even  you give them expensive stuff they are not happy. For a kid play and fun is their life they know only that so what satisfaction a toy can give no other gifts can. Same with us though we have all we need but still those little dreams they keep chasing us make us feel still we have to walk few more steps to get that pleasure and satisfaction. 

Often these unfulfilled desires start challenging us isn't it ? We start expecting more from us our capacity which leads us to disappointments. We lost ourselves in those expectations. We relate all our happiness to that desire which we are dreaming about, lastly we start to drag ourselves in negative emotions like after working so hard, doing every effort we are far away from desired moment our situation becomes we are standing near water pond but still not able to get a little drop of water. At few times we curse ourselves make us responsible for every misfortune happened it make us fall apart in every possible way. Yesterday we were setting example for others and today we are getting sympathy which nobody wants to get. 

Does that mean we should leave dreaming for what our heart is craving? Should we ignore all beautiful happy moments we have dreamed ? Definitely not, to run this life we need to dream and have some desires for us for our loved ones that makes life beautiful and inspires us to live every moment by making those moments precious, at the same time we need to keep in our brain and heart that desires and dreams have no limits and no end. We need to make a bridge between that fantasy land and our real life we are living if, we are only able to fulfill a little part of what we want we should feel happy and blessed at least we tried our best and our efforts will inspire us more and more to explore ourselves in a positive way it empowers and groom us with new abilities we are unaware of till now. It open new doors to get desired tranquility. Isn't it?